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July 2, 2008
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B-Day Project: Avenger-Hammah by Angel-Star727 B-Day Project: Avenger-Hammah by Angel-Star727
2 July 2005- The SRB's Birthday!
7 July 2005-SK&WS Birthday!

Two of the greatest days of the year So to celebrate I'm giving a crapload of gifts :3......

..................Seriously, there are a crapload. I have them all sketched out and there are a lot. That's why i'm starting early, that and for the actually B-day of the SRB I may not be able to get online. I want them all don't before I leave to stay with my sisters next week to watch her baby.

Well, good news, I'll be able to finish the (probably) final picture pretty soon. My sister now hates me and never wants me near her house again so I think I may be done babysitting (long story that involoves her freaking out beause I asked her to take me home after working yesterday afternoon). I feel bad for my niece, she has a psyco bipolar mommy.


Hammah and Avenger! Hammah is so fun to draw, he's adorable and Avenger's hair is totally cool!

And that's a llama....Yes.It is. XD Don't question me!

One more of the main characters! Take a wild quess of who I have left!
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Huzzah! It's Avenger and Hammah!

Man, Hammah just seems to be popular...

This is really great CR, and, well, older siblings can be strange at times. I can't speak from any experiences though, since I am the older sibling in my case...
I love Hammah, he just seems so chill compared to Jimi and adorable! I want to huggle him!
Hammah does seem awfully huggable and adorable. Kinda hard to believe Spork's his 'dad.'
GoldenSama Jul 3, 2008  Professional Writer
Awesome job, as usual! Hammah, Avenger and the little Llama! I think it's great.

Also, I hope things work out with you and your sister. ;_; Sorry to hear about all that.
^__^ Thankies!

My sister will probably get over it, she usually does at least.
TuxedoMoroboshi Jul 2, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Only one more picture? For some reason, I thought it would be more, but now I'm left in suspense as to who will be in this final picture!

Anywho, sorry to hear about your sisterly troubles. :(
Well there are a couple of other minor characters that I may do but for right now my next one is all I have left sketched in my sketchbook. I hope people don't get offended though.

^__^; Thanks, i'm sure it'll blow over eventually.
Joha's left! And... uh... 8C I don't know. Vidit? Uhm... That orange girl Spoony thought up? I bet it'll be someone obvious and I'll groan when I see it. XD

Hooray for floaty yellow spots!! 8D
XD Don't worry you got it

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